How do you use ‘cheero CLIP’ in your life?

How do you use 'cheero CLIP' in your life?

Would you like to arrange your belongings with a little effort?
If so, I’d like to show you a Japanese gadget which has been a best seller in Japan for a long time to sort it out.


cheero CLIP is basically a band to hold something but the possibilities for using are infinite

Clip for money and memos, band for hassle cables, or cell phons stands?
The way of using is up to you.
You can easily bend this flexible clip in accordance to use like a photo below, and the both tips include magnets to pinch something tightly.

How do you use 'cheero CLIP' in your life?_1

How much and where to purchase?

Japanese part manufacturing company, cheero, worldly sells this colorful accessory as a set of 5 clips for about 17 dollar on Amazon, and you could check the further details or their attractive gadgets.

Hope you find a new way to use in hands, and it makes your daily life more colorful.
Thanks a lot for reading to the end.