How to find free Wi-Fi spots easily under the terrible environment in Japan

Do you know that using internet in public space through free Wi-Fi is quite difficult in Japan? It’s also confirmed from the recent survey result that almost 30% of foreign tourists have the complaint about it during their stay.
Simply, the number of free Wi-Fi spots are not enough for comfortable connections at the moment in Japan. So I’d like you to try a useful app which can offer some good spots around you by GPS.


Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi is a free app to search the near spots around you on the map

The app is supported by NTT which is a representative telephone company of Japan, and you can download both Google Play and App Store for free. After downloading to your gadget and choosing from 13 languages, you can use it with only 3 steps.

1, Register

The app requests you to register only once with an e-mail address or a social network account to start using. The latter is easier and quicker to regist.

2, Search for a Wi-Fi spot

There’re 3 types to search by maps, provider category, or offline maps. If you have an internet connection, tap the ‘Search’ button to be displayed spots on the map.

3, Connect to free Wi-Fi

Arriving at a Wi-Fi spot, tap the ‘Connect’ button to start using internet although it’s a bit different between Android and iOS users.

If you’d like to know the further guide for using, visit the original website. I hope free Wi-Fi environment get better in preparation for Tokyo 2020 Olympics.