How to recharge your PASMO by the easiest way

I expect you’ve already got a free transport IC card, PASMO or Suica which are very convenient for Japanese trips. If not yet, just look over the previous article at first to get the smart cards with a easy few steps.

This time, I’m gonna tell you how to recharge your PASMO with the actual photos at any stations when the remaining balance is a little.


Buses or shops are also available for recharging

From my experience, recharging by ticket vending machines at stations is the easiest way for international people because there’s multilingual support on the screen, and you could take enough time not to be upset by the surroundings.

Only 3 steps till your PASMO is refilled

Some people say that Japanese railway system is quite complicated, but you could realize it’t not always true after seeing the simple guidance below.

1, Language

The first thing you need to do is to look for ‘Language’ on the screen, and take your choice from 6 languages.


Then, touch pink ‘PASMO’ which is usually found left side to go to ‘Charge’.

3, How much

Lastly, select the price you like from 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen, and put money in the ticket vending machine.

PASMO can accept maximum 20,000 yen, but I suggest that you shouldn’t put in more than necessary to prepare for the loss. No worries about the remaining balance and 500 yen deposit because all of them are refunded when turning back your cards. Have a great trip!