Where 30% of tourists to Japan visit not Tokyo

Some people know that Tokyo is not always the best place when visiting Japan for the first time. Considering what to experience in priorities beforehand is significant to satisfy your trip. If you’d like to have warm hospitality or frank communication by Japanese on food, shopping, and culture while hanging out in downtown, visiting Osaka at first could be the proper answer.


Minami is the most vibrant area where symbolizes Osaka

Minami is a general term for downtown which spreads over Chuo-ku and Naniwa-ku in Osaka. The lively area has a lot of sightseeing spots unique to Japan within walking distance. For visiting Minami by train, you should get off Namba station that is only 3-minute walk to Dotonbori which is the most popular spot for having various Japanese dishes. I could recommend you to download Google Maps on your smart phone in advance to see the helpful navigation like below.

After asking good sightseeing spots in Minami to some of my friends who live in Osaka, I was able to make the best 5 spots for foreign tourists.

1. Dotonbori : restaurants for traditional and modern Japanese dishes
2. Hozenji Temple : historical temple displayed the famous stone statue
3. Kuromon Ichiba Market : local food market for fresh seafood
4. Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street : cooking utensils and kitchen items
5. Amerikamura : epicenter of fashion and trend

You only need to search the each word on Google Maps to reach with the easiest route on foot. Enjoy your trip!