KARATE from BABYMETAL sounds classic by Goose house

KARATE from BABYMETAL sounds classic by Goose house

Would you casually like to touch popular Japanese songs with folky sounds?
As well as an introduction of Japanese pop music, I could recommend that you freely listen to songs of Goose house on Youtube.


Goose house are Japanese music group formed by singer-songwriters who play in a share room called house

Each of them is a talented artist, and they form a flexible band in accordance with songs they select to cover.
Today, I’d like you to listen to a passionate song, KARATE from BABYMETAL, which had big sales all over the world.

I just wonder how you feel about original KARATE, which was featured on the previous post, after listening again.

BABYMETAL play Karate pretty hard in a brand new song
Who could expect Karate, which is Japanese martial art, meets Heavy metal? BABYMETAL, the Japanese teenage girl metal ba...

For me, I recognized that songs of BABYMETAL don’t show these true values without heavy sounds.
Thanks a lot for reading to the end.