Really true if Tokyo is the safest city in the world?

Really true if Tokyo is the safest city in the world?

There might be no place we could say a safe city these days.
But an interesting ranking, which city is the safest in 2015, was widely announce by The Economist.

It’s ranked by the study called The Safe Cities Index 2015, and the result is quite unique against our expectation.
Let’s see full of the list how our cities ranked below anyway.

The ranking of the safest city in the world in 2015

50. Jakarta 49. Tehran 48. Ho Chi Minh City 47. Johannesburg 46. Riyadh 45. Mexico City 44. Mumbai 43. Moscow 42. Delhi 41. Istanbul

40. São Paulo 39. Bangkok 38. Guangzhou 37. Beijing 36. Kuwait City 35. Rio de Janeiro 34. Tianjin 33. Lima 32. Shenzhen 31. Buenos Aires

30. Shanghai 29. Doha 28. Santiago 27. Rome 26. Milan 25. Abu Dhabi 24. Seoul 23. Paris 22. Brussels 21. Madrid

20. Frankfurt 19. Washington, D.C. 18. London 17. Los Angeles 16. Chicago 15. Barcelona 14. Montreal 13. Taipei 12. San Fransisco 11. Hong Kong

10. New York 9. Melbourne 8. Toronto 7. Zurich 6. Sydney 5. Amsterdam 4. Stockholm 3. Osaka 2. Singapore 1. Tokyo

Really true if Tokyo is the safest city in the world?_1

Could you see your city in the list?
I think there’s more or less a bit gap between this ranking and our thoughts as it’s influenced by individual impression for each city.

To be honest, I didn’t think Tokyo was the safest as we sometimes see terrible crimes and miserable accidents through medias in daily life.

After having an explosion in a public toilet at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo the other day, main cities in Japan might need to increase alerts more especially against terrorists.

Thanks for reading.