3 weird things but normal for Japanese Christmas

What are you gonna do on this Christmas? Eating turkey and exchanging gifts with a family at home, could be classic ways in your country. But here in Japan, there’re some unique things which are quite hard to understand for international people.


Christmas is the biggest event considered sales tactics by especially food industry in Japan

In the first place, I have to say that Christmas exists in Japan is the weird thing because our religions are almost buddhism and shinto. So we Japanese don’t basically know the origin, history, or how christians formally spend Christmas over the world. Anyway, have a look at 3 staples on Japanese Christmas which are sometimes funny topics between international people.

1, Eating fried chicken from KFC

You can see a queue longer than usual at KFC because some of Japanese eat the fried chicken for Christmas dinner instead of turkey. Preparing a roast turkey properly might be a bit nuisance for Japanese just to enjoy a short happy time in the atmosphere of Christmas.

2, Sharing a whole decorated cake

Around the beginning of December, many advertisements about a Christmas cake appear in the media to promote make the reservation. People pick up the special decorated cake over Christmas for a lovely dessert at dinner.

3, Going out with a lover

I know most of christians spend Christmas with a family at home for a few days, but that can’t be true in Japan especially for couples. They go out as a matter of course to see Christmas lights and have a special dinner in the lovely atmosphere.

How about comparing with Christmas in your country? Even if you feel weird with these Japanese staples, I could only recommend you to go out for Christmas lights to decorate your Christmas memories.