Summary about Tokyo 2020 Olympics for planning

Just after ending the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, it’s good time to see Tokyo Olympics in two years. For me as a Japanese, increasing foreigners who are interested in Japan and have an opportunity to come is simply pleasure. Today, I pick out some articles about Tokyo 2020 Olympics on this website to make a kind of the simple guide.


Tokyo 2020 Olympics is held from July 24 to August 9

Not too early from even now to plan for the worldwide sporting event which takes place for the second time in Tokyo since 1964. For enjoying a big event enough, collecting some information in advance should be crucial. Here’s some articles which could be a little help for you.

How to purchase the tickets

The latest ticket information for Tokyo 2020 Olympics
The impressive heat of Rio 2016 Olympics could turn out a trigger to lead some people to Japan in four years. Planning y...

How to participate in as the volunteers

How many volunteers needed for Tokyo 2020 Olympics except you
By the time we realized, only 2 years left till Japan takes place the Olympics Games in Tokyo since 1964. Among some iss...

How the classic logo selected from the competition

Tokyo officially unveiled the 2020 Olympics logo
Who could guess the unexpected result on the final decision? After the initial logo scrapped last year over allegations ...

How the 1940 Tokyo Olympics disappeared to phantom

Why the 1940 Tokyo Olympics ended in phantom
As you guys know, Tokyo won a bid of the 2020 Olympics following the final competition with Madrid and Istanbul. But it'...

Could you roughly grasp the overall of Tokyo 2020 Olympics? I will join as the volunteer and hope we could enjoy together even the different situations.