Umbrella hat Atamanburera takes away nuisances on a rainy day

Who doesn’t feel any nuisances on a rainy day over the world? Putting up an umbrella should be the typical one of that. But how about wearing an umbrella on a head to make your both hands free?


Japanese unique shop THANKO releases a convenient umbrella hat Atamanburera

THANKO is known as a interesting shop which always tries to come up unique and useful items related to daily life. Atamanburera has developed for people who would like to use both hands in some situations like gardening, fishing, or shopping while avoiding rain.

How about the specifications?

When putting the folding umbrella in your bag, the length is about 340 mm and the weight is 324 g, which could be quite compact to carry. In the case of on your head, the diameter of width is about 95 mm and the height is 30 mm. Here’s the official short movie to see how to open and fold.

Do you think you wanna try this unique umbrella? Atamanburera is sold on some online shopping sites including THANKO for an affordable price. Have a good rainy day!