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Japanese metal band DIR EN GREY show any pain around the world

Some people could say that a kind of metal music is nothing but noise to be deceived by the loud and heavy sounds.
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The number of people brought their own end in 2014

First of all, please don't read this article if you feel hard to accept a miserable fact happening every year in Jap
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Why Tattoo not allowed in most Japanese hot springs

Tattoo has generally been recognized as a part of fashion, but it's not always so in Japan. Having an intense paint
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Kyoto has the reason being recognized as a symbolic city of Japan

Which city of Japan do you come to mind except for Tokyo? Kyoto has been well known as a traditional city of Japan
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Japanese 10 year old girl plays a role of genius

A guitar performance published on Youtube the other day has become a hot topic among music fans. Her play has made
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Tokyo now has the probability of 46% to happen

This numeric value, immediately scared Japanese people, was announced on some medias this year. The human being gen
Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The new logo toward Tokyo 2020 Olympics suspected of plagiarism again

Anybody apparently has the same though after comparing with these logos. A few days ago, Tokyo Metropolitan Governm

How to stay up all night with KARAOKE in Japan

Karaoke has been well known in the world these days since it was invented by some Japanese in 1960's. People normal

The way to spend the night with Japanese comics in a private shelter

How do you do if you miss the last train abroad? Actually, you don't need to worry about anything under the situati
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Your coffee at convenience stores only needs a 1 coin in Japan

When we used to wanna have a cup of coffee on the street, there're basically two ways (cafe or vending machine) in J